5 Top Tips To Achieve Your Goals

It’s so easy for us just to sit down and dash off a wish list of all the ways we want our lives to change.
We are always hopeful that our lives willimprove for the better. We know, and understand the importance of goals.
And yet, some time down the line when we next think of our goals, we find ourselves no further forward.
We give up on our goals, terribly disappointed, and frustrated.
Then some time later, we decide to give it another go, so we make the same list again and suffer the same disappointment yet again.
So how can we make effective changes in our lives?
How can we make ourgoals real?
How can we make them count for something?

Well here are 5 top tips for you.

  1. think through what your goal actually means.
    Do you really  know exactly what you want, or do you have goals that are just too vague to be implemented? Don’t have a goal to be ‘happier’. Instead, list out  the specific, positive changes you can make that will bring you happiness.
    And remember that this is intensely personal.
    These are YOUR goals.
    So resolve to book those pottery classes  you have been interest in for so long, orto brush up your resume as the first step to a new job.
    Make a schedule!
    Don’t decide you’llhandle your money differently  – decide on specific ways to do this. You might resolve not to use your credit card until it’s paid off in full, or to reconcile your bank statement every month. But whatever your goals,
    Write them down.
    Read them regularly,
    Mark them off as you accomplish them.

  2. Before you get started, read through your list.
    Try to take away your excuses up front!
    Are the things on your list truly within your control?
    If not, rework them so they are!
    You CANNOT rely on anyone else to achieve your goals.
    Look at how YOU can change.
    And DO IT!!
    Discover how you can deal with others. Most people won’t deliberately let you down, but they have their own goals, and their own priorities.
    Remember, these are  your goals, not someone else’s. Your focus must only be on things it is in your power to change.

  3. Take stock of what your. How easy is each one to achieve?
    If you think they’re easy, simple steps, that’s fine.
    If some of your goals are really hard, then remember that really hard DOES NOT equal impossible!
    You just need a plan, and maybe they will take a little longer. Break down your goals into small steps that you can achieve easily.
    Make sure you have a plan for EVERY ONE. Foe example, if you want to get out of debt, your goals could be to produce a budget, produce a repayment plan and review at least monthly.

  4. Believe in your goals and make a REAL commitment to them.

    Whatever your goals, without this key ingredient, they will remain just that!
    Nothing will happen unless you TAKE ACTION.


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