Finding Your Passion – 5 TOP TIPS

Some people take a lifetime to realize what they really want to do.
Others know very early in life.
If you’re one of the lucky ones, and you know your passion early in life, you have plenty of time to try to achieve it, and even more time to enjoy the benefits – or move on to a new passion!
The question is ‘how do you know’?
It’s not easy, and you may have a few aborted attempts before you get there, but here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Look around you for inspiration.
    Who or what inspires you?
    Maybe it’s a loved one, or a specific person. Maybe it’s not a person but an object.
    Whatever it is, use it to work out for yourself what you really want to happen.
    Make a List of people and things that inspire you, and why!
    It will help you keep track of what you really want!
  2. Remember the good times
    Think about when you were happiest.
    What was it that made you so happy?
    When was the last time you were so happy? If it’s a long time ago, why have you not experienced such happiness for so long?
    Add the things that make you happy to your list of inspirations
  3. Go back to things that you’ve been passionate about before
    Re-read your favorite book. Watch your favorite films.
    Maybe this is a good time to use some of the many self help books available.
    If you have people you can confide in, do that!
    Find ways to understand yourself, what you’re passionate about and how to be happy and successful.
  4. What are you unhappy about now?
    Are you stuck in a job you hate, just doing it for the money? Do you seem to have no time for anything except work and sleep?
    Think back to before you were doing what you do now.
    What were you hoping for back then?
    Can you cut back on the hours you work? Is being in the office for longer than anyone else really going to get you that promotion that you probably only want for the money anyway?
    Can you adjust your work life balance to give yourself more time to do the things you enjoy?
    You may find you can work smarter, still achieve the same but have time to follow your passion too.
  5. Be open to any and every possibility
    Of course, you can’t follow up on all of them, but you do need to expect more than you have in order to achieve success, however you measure it.
    Be bold enough to take risks, but not stupid enough to gamble everything.
    Follow your heart to reach a point where you will be happy  and satisfied. Once you’re on the right track, finding your true passion will be so much easier, and you really will be bale to achieve your goals.


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