Inspiration from adversity

The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration life will be.


The happy path

inspiration, happy pathIt’s great to be able to walk the happy path through life.
Nothing ever goes wrong.
There’s nothing to get in the way of your progress.
Everything is good…
But life has an unfortunate habit of getting in the way; of throwing up problems for us to overcome.

Adversity is just an opportunity for inspiration

Of course, we all strive to stay on the happy path for as long as possible, but it’s only by overcoming problems that we learn.
And each problem we overcome makes it a little easier to deal with the next.
The opportunity to overcome adversity is a great source of inspiration for us.
When we  overcome a seemingly insurmountable problem, we realise how good we can be.
The feeling is good, and we are inspired to carry on, It’s no longer good enough for us to give up.
We know that we can overcome, and we are inspired to do exactly that.
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So don’t be afraid of the difficult things. 
Embrace them
Overcome them
Carry on, stronger and stronger.

Be inspired to even greater success.


Don’t give up on a dream, or a goal just because it’s hard.

Image result for persevereAchieving things that are easy is generally pretty unsatisfying. It’s by doing hard things that we learn, and we grow.

If dreams were easy to achieve, then everyone would do it.

BUT, if dreams were impossible to achieve, then no one would.

Be one of the few to achieve your dreams.
Excuses are easy to find and hard to avoid, but you must learn to avoid excuses, not make them.

It’s easy to imagine what would have happened if the seed from which this flower grew had given up.
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