Is Financial Independence one of YOUR Goals?

It’s all very well to have goals that relate to your physical and mental health, relationships, your spirituality, give back to society. All these things are critically important to your wellbeing and cannot be ignored long term.
But in the short term, we have to be a little pragmatic. We have to se

t SMART goals in those areas of our life that are most ‘at risk’ first.
Unfortunately, at the moment for many people, the most pressing goals relate to the big problem in their life RIGHT NOW, and that problem is that they simply don’t have enough money.
People are, of course in many different positions, and what seems like a huge problem to some is a position that others dream of.
Take my friend John (name changed) for example.
John is a proud man. He’s worked hard all his life to support his family, but has now lost hos job. John has enough money to last for a few months. He can pay the bills for a while, but he doesn’t know when or if he’ll find another job, and is desperately worried about the future for his wife and family as well as himself.
Another friend of mine, Steve, has always found it difficult to find and keep work. He’s never managed any savings, and  life has always been a financial struggle for him and his family.
Now both John and Steve are faced with an uncertain future. The difference is that one of them is used to it, and the other isn’t.
Most of you probably know a John or a Steve, and because they’re friends, we would love to help them out. The question is how to do it.

Neither of them want, or would except charity, so that’s out of the question.
Any anyway, I always remember the Chinese Proverb:

So maybe the best option is to give them access to something that could change their lives.
It just so happens that I have recently been thinking a lot about my financial goals, and have decided that the best way to ensure my own financial security is to diversify.
To have more than one income stream.
So I’ve joined John Thornhill’s ‘Partnership to Success’ program, to learn how I can make myself better and  more productive and ultimately, of course, more successful.



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