Know your faults and limitations, but dont be defined by them and don’t let them get in the way of your success

Men soon the faults of others learn
A few their virtues, too, find out;
But is there one—I have a doubt—
Who can his own defects discern?

– Sanskrit Proverb

None of us are perfect.
We all have faults.
We all have limitations.
It’s important that we understand those faults and limitation, so that we can control them or even reverse them.
But it’s even more important that we know and understand our virtues and our strengths. We all have them too. 
If you want success, find a way of achieving it using your strengths and virtues. Focus first on achieving what you know you can achieve.
The reassess.
You will find new strengths, new virtues.
You can move forward again.

Repeat as often as you can!!!


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