What Makes Rich People Different

We may or may not know too many rich people personally, but we certainly get to read quite a lot about the lives of the rich, but have you ever stopped to think about what it is that makes them different?
Clearly, they have money – that’s what makes them rich, but what else is different?
Well here are 10 key differences between rich people and the rest

  1. Rich people believe they create their own destiny.
    Others believe that life just happens to them. They go with the flow, and handle whatever life throws at them, but they don’t try to create a different future for themselves
  2. Most of us have something left after we have paid for the essentials. The way in which  we use that disposable income is one of the key differences between rich people and the rest.
    Rich people invest their disposable income first, and may then spend what’s left. They invest in a wide variety of ways, from savings through paying off the mortgage early to investing in training or a business opportunity.
    Others spend first (on things like meals out, movies, drinks etc) and then invest what, if anything, is left.
  3. Rich people spend a significant proportion of their spare time making money, improving themselves or creating something. Maybe it’s going to the gym, writing a blog or learning something new, but the opportunities for using the time creatively and constructively are endless.
    Others tend to spend much more of their spare time consuming or being entertained. maybe it’s watching TV, playing video games or going to the bar. All things that are important and valuable – we all have to relax and socialise – but the balance tends to be towards more downtime.
  4. Rich people dream big and then take action to achieve their dreams.
    Others dream small, and even then, do not always take concerted actions to achieve their dreams.
    The quote from Michelangelo below sums it up much better than I could.

  5. Rich people see opportunities. They look at things through a positive lens and are open to the possibilities. They therefore take action and continually make progress.
    Others see obstacles .They look for all the reasons why they can’t, or it won’t work for them. Because they focus on all of the perceived problems, they don’t take action and do not, therefore, make progress.
  6. Rich people are open minded about change. They don’t think they know everything and are always willing to learn new things. They don’t stay the same.
    If you’re closed to change, then things will stay the same or more likely, as the world changes around you, get worse.
  7. Rich people have a strong self belief. They believe in their ability to achieve. They’re not deterred by initial lack of success. They keep on trying until they do succeed.
    Others often prepare for the worst. They expect failure, and so protect themselves with phrases like ‘I knew it would never work’ or ‘I don’t really want it anyway’
  8. Rich people have an abundant mentality. The more money they make, the more there is. It’s not just about getting a bigger slice of the pie, but also making it a bigger pie! Rich people deserve their wealth and are not ashamed of it.
    Others have a scarcity mentality. They see wealth as something you can only get if someone else somewhere has less, which is one of the key reasons for the idea that money is the root of all evil.
  9. Rich people associate with other rich people. Not exclusively, but there are enough other rich people around for the aura of success to be present. All of the traits of rich people discussed here are reinforced by interaction with other rich people.



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