Is it really impossible?

Impossible is Just a Word

All of us, from time to time, dream of something big. Maybe it’s winning the lottery, or maybe it hitting the game-winning homer, scoring the winning goal or being the homecoming queen?
Most of us dream of being rich, successful and happy.

We regularly have big dreams and have great aspirations. But all too often, our dreams are just dreams and our aspirations just collect dust.

Instead of the excitement of new adventures, realizing our dreams, achieving our aspirations, we just live, day to day, each day much like the ones either side, barely existing.

But how much better could our life be if only we knew what to do about it, and learned to aim high.

Trouble is, when we set our goals we come up against all the negatives – too hard, I can’t do this, no-one could do it, it’s impossible!
But is everyone thought like that, no-one would achieve – no inventions, no innovations, no scientific breakthroughs.
Get rid of the negatives, and the reasons why not, and replace them with reasons why!

Think of the humble bumble bee. In theory, scientists tell us, it’s impossible for a bumble bee to fly! But the bumble bee clearly doesn’t think it’s impossible. They believe they can, and indeed they do fly around happily all the time!

But your dreams have to be realistic if they are to be achieved. If they’re totally outrageous, then you wont act on them and they will be broken and shattered.

Don’t all self doubt and assumptions about yourself that limit you to be the things that define you. If you think something can be done, then it can, but in the same way, if you think something is impossible, then for you, it is!
Don’t reach too far too soon. Dream big, but take small steps towards that big dream. If it’s too far away, the temptation is to forget it, and not to work towards it. But your dreams will only be realized if you do something about it.
Winning the lottery is, of course, a long shot, but how many people dream of it without actually buying a ticket? For them it truly is impossible!

Take some time to think about some of your goals, and write them down. Then split them into 3 column. –
– The first column is things you know you can do.
– The second column is things you might be able to do
– The third column is things that you think are impossible for you

Every day, try to do some of the things in the list of things you know you can do.

Once you’ve done those, try some of the things you might be able to do.

As you achieve some of the things you might be able to do, some of those in the ‘impossible’ list will start to look a little more like things you might be able to do. When they do, move them!
As you work through the things you might be able to do, sooner or later, you’ll do one of those things that at first seemed impossible!
The impossible has become possible after all!

Review your lists regularly. Add new things when you need to and make the impossible happen in your life.

The trick, as you probably realize is to aim high – don’t limit your imagination, but at the same time don’t be totally unrealistic and start working towards your dream by doing the things you know you can.

Achieving your dream isn’t necessarily about doing complicated things, it can also be about doing simple things very well, will diligence, integrity and passion.

If you dream, but don’t work towards it, you will end up disillusioned and disappointed.
But if we work hard and do the right things, we can all achieve remarkable things.

A hundred years ago, who would have believe it possible for a man to be on the moon?
50 years ago, the idea of anyone sending mail from here to the other side of the world in seconds would have seemed ridiculous, but through desire and effort, these things and many many more have been achieved.

Thomas Edison said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
Think about this. The inspiration is the big dream. But without hard work and discipline, you wont achieve it!

Anyone who has trained for anything will know that there is no gain without pain! Such a cliche, but like many cliches, completely true!

So carry on dreaming, and don’t let the limits of your imagination hold you back. Think big and work hard!

As you make progress, you will find the impossible becoming that bit more possible!!

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