Take the first step. Then realise your passion one step at a time.

Are you ready to take the first step?

It’s easy to say that you are ready to take steps to realise your passion, but once you try, you’ll soon find that nothing is really that simple.
There is lots to consider, and lots of issues to be resolved before you’ll be able to see clearly what you really want to achieve.

You need to plan and understand all of the steps you need to take to achieve your goal no matter how long it takes.
The first thing for you to really come to terms with is where you are going to.
You need to clearly define that goal and to understand what you really want to achieve, and how much you want to achieve it.
There will be sacrifices along the way.
Are you ready to make those sacrifices?

Be honest with your self.

Make your goals SMART

For that first step to be meaningful, you have to know that you’ve taken it.

And for all the other steps you take, you need to now that they are taking you in the right direction.

It can also be incredibly motivational to look back and see how far you’ve come, but that only works if you know where you started.

So document your steps. It’s easy to do that in the form of SMART goals


You’ll find it easier to set SMART goals if you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
Accept that you have weaknesses.
We all do.
We all have our limitations.
BUT… they don’t have to stop us from being successful.
Our weaknesses can be overcome if we accept them!
But be realistic. If you’re afraid of water and can’t swim, don’t set a goal to become a swimming gold medallist!

Plan your success

Once your goals, are clearly defined, it will be much easier for you to plan how you are going to achieve those goals.
But first, you must analyse your current situation.
If there are aspects of your life you’re happy with, be really clear that you want to change.
Understand what you will be putting at risk before you set off on a different path, but don’t let that stop you from taking the all important first step.

first step

The decision to do something different is much easier if you don’t like where you are now.
In fact, not liking where you are now is a good and clear sign that you do have to do something different – to set out on a new path before it’s too late.
But it’s still really easy to do nothing.
To sacrifice your dreams to maintain a status quo that you don’t actually like much.

Don’t take the easy option.

Allow yourself to grow, to achieve your goals and to realise your dreams.

It’s not easy – good things seldom are – but with dedication, application and perseverance, you can do it!

first steps


Don’t forget why you started

It sounds a little odd, but sometimes it can be easy to get so engrossed in the detail that you forget what you set out to attain in the first place.
Most people do that at some point in their lives.
If you find yourself in that situation, go back to just before you took that first step.. Go right back to when you set those goals.
Imagine how you felt back then.
Do you still want what you wanted then?
Are your dreams, your aspirations still the same?
Will you ever achieve those dreams and aspirations doing what you are doing now?
Reassess your goals, and set a plan to achieve those goals, and remember… One Step at a Time

small steps

We all have the opportunity to set and achieve new goals no matter how old, no matter how busy. You can still take action to find your passion and achieve your goals.
Remember when you choose to change the path you’re taking through life, do so with passion and conviction – One Step at a time!


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